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Luci lets you simply mind your business.

A small business owner’s ability to understand and take action from their financial statements has a direct impact on their business success. Unfortunately, most small business owners are not skilled at using financial data to run their businesses.

The good news is with Luci, every growing business can gain the critical skillset/insight of a CFO. Luci translates the complex language of your financial data, that is often only understood by financial experts, into a narrative that the small business owner can easily understand. By creating a personalized and complete picture into the overall health of your business, Luci creates an automated, ongoing conversation between you and your financial data. Luci provides the insight, warning signs and action steps necessary to avoid financial danger, build ongoing strength and achieve your revenue goals.


A future where numbers will not be a reason for small business failure.


To guide the small business owner to financial success.

" Financial data is one of the most powerful voices in a small business, it’s trying to inform the business owner whether they’ve priced their products correctly, are their margins enough to run your business, or how much runway do they have before they run out of $.
All too often entrepreneurs silence that voice because they are not trained how to interpret what their financial data is saying. At Luci we translate your financial data into a simple and actionable roadmap that any small business owner can understand and run with. "
Lincoln Crichlow

Founder & CEO

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Jonathan Harper

Director and UX Designer

Jovanni Johns

Marketing Strategist

Rayan Sandoval

Lead Full-Stack Developer

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